To Sin By Silence

Justice isn’t only blind, it’s silent too

DI Sean Ellis always wanted to believe that justice was blind, impartial, guided only by cold hard
facts. But when a murderer strikes in Yorkshire, leaving behind the worst crime scene Ellis has
ever seen, the facts and evidence don’t seem to make sense anymore. Was it a crime of passion?
A vigilante acting above the law? Or something more sinister?

It doesn’t help that Ellis is working with a new partner who isn’t his biggest fan. Or that one of
his friends is being framed for having inappropriate photos on his phone. One injustice would be
enough for Ellis to handle but with three swirling around him, it would make any man question
his beliefs.

To find the truth in a world where facts can be fabricated, Ellis must dig deeper before the lies
break through the silence and threaten not only Ellis’s way of life, but his actual life.

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To Ally With Madness

“All extremes of feeling are allied with madness.” -Virginia Woolf

DI Sean Ellis can’t be bothered with reality TV. So when a reality TV star claims she’s being
stalked, it’s the last case Ellis wants on his desk. He’s much more interested in the missing girl
case which seems more open and shut. It only makes sense that the boyfriend did it. It’s always
the boyfriend.

However, it quickly becomes clear that the two cases are connected. Ellis has no choice but to
interact with the starlet who seems more interested in flirting with the inspector than dealing with
her stalker. It’s more than Ellis bargained for.

When the stalker escalates, Ellis has to step outside of his comfort zone and must try to get into
the mind of this criminal, feel what he’s feeling, in order to stop a crime before it is committed.

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