Dark of Night

No death is ever simple…

DCI Conall Keane and his partner DS Caitlin Murray are called in to investigate the death of a
local farmer. It’s clear from the moment they see the body that it’s a murder. But with his years
of experience, Keane knows this scene is more complicated than at first glance.

It only gets worse when Keane and Murray discover there was a dispute over the local land. And
then things get more muddled when uni students are found camping on the farmer’s property. To
make matters worse, the whole area may contain a valuable buried treasure.

The case seems to be getting out of hand. Keane has to call in the help of his eccentric, genius
cousin Shay to help him sort through all of the possible scenarios. The pair must find the
farmer’s murderer before all of the evidence is swallowed up into the convoluted case

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Blood on the Water

When an accident becomes deadly…

DCI Conall Keane and his brilliant cousin Shay are brought in on another case, this time it
involves a dead businessman on a ferry. What was originally thought of as an accident quickly
turns into a clear case of murder.

Another layer of intrigue arrives when one of the ferry workers is reported missing. The cases
blend together quickly, tied together by international smuggling suspicions.

Keane and Shay thought they were in for only a murder, but with international thugs, thieves,
and governments breathing down their backs, it’s clear that the cousins have to hurry to solve the
case or risk their partnership and lives.

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Death in the Black Wood

Danger can be around any corner…

On the way to investigate a series of car thefts, DCI Conall Keane and his partner Caitlin Murray
get a call to investigate a body. A charred body that has been eaten and mangled beneath an oak

Originally, the department believes animals got a hold of the body but they soon learn that the
body was intentionally mangled in such a terrible way. All of the damage was done on purpose
but it’s impossible to imagine someone doing this to another human being.

Keane recruits his cousin Shay once again to help them out. But Shay is hesitant since the body
was found so close to their home in Dores. Keane has to find this monstrous murderer before it
he strikes again, too close for comfort.

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Castle Killings

Shay and Keane are ready to get back into the game…

It’s been months since the incidents at Black Wood. Shay is restless and annoying the hell out of
his cousin, DCI Conall Keane. Maybe a murder up in Wick will help the pair take their mind off
of everything.

But the cousins might have bitten off more than they can chew. The Wick Police aren’t as helpful
as the Keanes would like and the trail grows cold. Keane and Shay might have to admit defeat.

Until a disappearance connects to the murder and the Keanes have renewed life in the case. But
they are running out of time as bodies continue to pile up. They have to pull themselves together
in order to save the citizens of Wick.

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Hunting Shadows

When paranoia links up with reality…

DCI Conall Keane loves his brilliant, eccentric cousin. He really does. But when Shay starts interrupting his sleep with his claims that they’re being followed, Conall finally understands wanting to murder someone. Luckily for Conall, a body is found on a cliffside, distracting him from his own violent desires.

It’s clear to Conall and his partner that this is a murder, not an accident or suicide. In the midst of their investigation, Shay interrupts, convinced that the current case has something to do with Shay’s suspicion that they’re being followed. The tension between Shay and the department is mounting, and Conall doesn’t need another thing on his plate.

But when some of Shay’s out-there theories start to take shape, Conall realizes this case may be more personal than he originally thought. And more dangerous.

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Lethal Whispers

Ghosts are just unfinished business…

Secrets and scandals haunt a prominent family. But that might not be the only thing. When a body is found in a room locked from the inside and outside, DCI Keane knows this case is unique. And not because of all the ghost stories surrounding the crime scene. His partner, DI Murray, isn’t so sure.

Determined to keep this case in the real world, DCI Keane starts with the family of the victim. Between a domineering matriarch, insidious sisters, and an annoying ghost hunter who just won’t leave Keane alone, the detective is swimming in suspects. It doesn’t help that mysterious and seemingly unexplainable supernatural happenings continue to impede the investigation.

A detective’s job is already hard enough but when you add ghosts into the mix, it becomes seemingly impossible. But with Keane’s track record and stubbornness, only he can catch the killer and silence the deadly whispers.

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Deadly Waters

Ice contains no future, just the past…

A drowned body shows up in a partially frozen lake. The victim had a troubled past and a sorted history so at first, everyone believes it’s a suicide.

However, the victim worked at an outdoor centre so she should have known how to survive in the wilderness in the winter. When DCI Keane and DI Murray get on the case they quickly discover it is foul play.

But the victim’s history is more complicated than they thought. They link this victim back to a case where a young man fell off the cliff. From both cases, four potential suspects arise, all with clear-cut motivies. Keane and Murray have to sort through two complex cases or risk losing justice for both victims.

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Shattered Memories

A shattered mind can be capable of anything…

When DCI Conall Keane and his eccentric cousin, Shay, find a wounded woman during a walk in the Highlands, it appears they’ve stumbled on a victim who needs care in their home. But between the woman’s seeming amnesia and a growing number of suspicious threads, DCI Keane is not so sure of their new houseguest. And when the woman’s identity becomes tied to a string of thefts, abuse, and murder, it starts to look as if this lady isn’t a victim but a killer.

But is the story as straightforward as it seems? The lens of the woman’s shattered memory distorts the truth, and it’s up to Conall to discover the facts before there are more deaths in the Highlands.

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