Unusual Remains

An outsider found dead in a local village…

DI Max Thatcher and his partner DS Isaac Mills are sent to the Yorkshire countryside to
investigate a body found the night of a local bonfire. The partners soon learn that the dead man is
a real estate buyer who was looking at developing the village, much to the locals’ disapproval.

Needless to say, there are many people who want this man dead.

As Thatcher dives deeper, he comes across a journalist who was covering the real estate buyer
and his notorious career. Between her story and the disgruntled town, Thatcher has many
suspects and not a lot of evidence. The detective has to figure out who killed his hated man
before the story and the culprit get buried forever.

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Blood Ties

They say blood is thicker than water…

DI Max Thatcher is convinced that the missing painting of a local lord is a case that is beneath
him. Especially when the family is an elitist group of… Well, let’s just say Thatcher is less than

As the investigation begins to pick up, Thatcher discovers there’s more behind the painting than
he initially thought. Including a series of family secrets and betrayals. It’s more drama than
Thatcher bargained for.

But when the family begins receiving threatening messages, Thatcher knows he and his partner,
DS Mills, have to step up their game before something more valuable than a painting is stolen:
someone’s life.

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Dangerous Relics

Crime never takes a break…

DI Max Thatcher only wants a day off. But in his profession, he knows those are few and far between. So it’s no surprise that his partner, DS Mills, calls about an apparent suicide.

However, it soon becomes clear to Thatcher that this is a murder. Which doesn’t help the fact that it’s a very public crime committed at a history museum. The pair know that more eyes than usual are on them and the pressure is mounting.

It doesn’t help that the victim’s parents are distant and withholding information, her personal collection of historical items is as big as the museum, and a mysterious man in her life can’t be found. Thatcher has his work cut out for him, not only having to solve a present day mystery but dip into an ancient one as well.

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Gardeners, Ditchers, and Gravemakers

A poisoned body and a poisoned garden…

DI Max Thatcher and his partner, DI Mill, are called to a private botanical garden to investigate a
body. Only, they quickly discover that it’s not a body, but a woman poisoned into a coma.

The pair are quickly thrown into the world of horticulture and the competitive nature of scientific
research. It turns out the victim’s work was a mystery worth killing over. The only person who
knows her secret is her daughter who’s protecting her mother’s legacy.

But that’s not the only thing that needs protecting. The victim’s daughter is in danger too when
there is an attempt to poison her. Thatcher and Mills have to find the poisoner and discover the
secrets behind the research in order to save both mother and daughter.

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Guilty Consciences

All that glitters isn’t gold…

A university golden boy is found murdered. Everyone has nothing but nice things to say about
him, including friends, professors and his parents. However, DCI Max Thatcher knows no one is
this perfect.

It doesn’t take long for Thatcher and his partner to discover the victim’s connection to sexual
assault allegations and the suicide of another student. Turns out, the golden boy wasn’t as clean
as everyone thought.

But that makes solving his murder even more because no one seems to have motive or
opportunity. Thatcher and Mills know they have to find the murderer despite the fact that the
victim might have been a criminal himself.

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Moving Targets

A stray bullet finds its mark…

DCI Max Thatcher and his partner DI Mills are brought into the middle of the woods to
investigate a dead body. It’s clear the victim was shot in the chest, before an annual hunting
party with his friends.

The pair interrogates the hunting party to no avail. But as their interviews go more in-depth,
they discover this group of friends isn’t as close as they originally thought.

As Thatcher uncovers secret after secret, he suspects that the victim wasn’t the intended
target. So now, not only does Thatcher have to solve one murder, he has to prevent another
one before the killer hits their real target.

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Trouble and Strife

Boys just want to have fun…

The morning after his bachelor party, the groom is found dead in a fountain. DCI Max
Thatcher and his partner DI Mills are assigned to the case and quickly learn the sorted
history of the groom, who recently had been in a life-threatening accident.

The more Thatcher and Mills dig, the more they learn that the victim and his relationship, it
wasn’t exactly the ideal marriage. The bride is pregnant with someone else’s baby and this
wasn’t the only time they weren’t faithful to each other.

When the victim’s brother is attacked, Thatcher and Mills realize it might be more than a
lover’s tryst gone wrong. The partners have to examine all sides of this case and think
outside of the box before they lose track of this case altogether.

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Buried With Honours

Thatcher’s a detective, not a codebreaker…

The body of a war hero washes up on the riverbank in a small town. Somewhere the major
wouldn’t have normally been. DCI Max Thatcher and his partner, DI Mills, are called in to
investigate. But this goes beyond simply solving a murder.

They have to solve codes left behind by the victim. Normally, they would ignore the seemingly
useless clues, but after talking to his superior officers, they are struggling to find a suspect or
motive. The codes are all Thatcher and Mills have to go on.

However, the pair soon discover that there is more to these codes than meets the eye. They are
transcriptions of secret conversations but whether or not they are true will put Thatcher and Mills
into more danger than they originally planned.

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Vicious Cycle

When the bodies don’t stay buried…

DCI Max Thatcher has had a long career but there is one case that has always haunted him.
When a body turns up with the same M.O. as a killed Thatcher never caught, he’s wracked with

There is a small glimmer of hope when Thatcher and his partner, DS Mills, find clues that lead to
the victim’s ex-boyfriend. But a familiar friend soon throws off that theory with new information
about the victim and her history.

Thatcher knows second chances don’t come around often. He knows he will have another body
on his conscience if he lets this killer slip through his fingers again.

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Cradle to Coffin

DCI Max Thatcher is used to dealing with bodies that are a little more… fresh.

But a forensic anthropologist is found dead amongst the remains of his latest project, Thatcher
will have to examine bones too.

To make matters worse, the head of their forensics department was good friends with the victim.
Thatcher was already out of his element with this case and he didn’t need additional pressure
from a co-worker.

When the victim’s lab is ransacked, it becomes clear that the murder was about his research and
latest project in a churchyard. Thatcher and his team must uncover the secrets of the victim’s
research, whether his co-worker wants him to or not.

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Thick as Thieves

The only thing messier than murder is politics…

DCI Thatcher solves murders for a reason. He’s not the guy you call to solve a robbery. But when the robbery is at the house of an important councilman, the department needs to bring in the best. And Thatcher’s the best.

But Thatcher might also be too close to the case. As he and Mills dig deeper into the crime, their prime suspect is Archie Gray. Who happens to be Jeannie Gray’s brother. And Jeannie Gray happens to be Thatcher’s old flame.

The case soon takes a turn into Thatcher and Mills’s department when the injured housekeeper is murdered in her hospital bed. Thatcher has to keep his personal feelings at bay and follow the evidence at the risk of his career and the wrath of the department head. But the one thing Thatcher can’t live with is putting an innocent man behind bars.

A thrilling continuation that tests the classic detective in unimaginable ways. 

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By Hook or By Crook

The greater the artist, the greater the doubt…

The art world is about as foreign to DCI Max Thatcher as social media. But at the end of the day, people are still involved. And if there’s one thing Thatcher knows, it’s how people think. Especially when there’s a murder involved.

At first, Thatcher believes Alice Stuart is just a humble painter, working from her cottage on the moors, of no concern to anyone. But her murder reveals a slew of secrets including a line of ex-boyfriends and a series of disappointing art pieces. The further Thatcher digs into Alice’s life, the more he discovers, including her life-altering secret.

With his partner, Mills, Thatcher chips away at the layers of this woman’s life. With each uncovered secret, comes a new round of suspects and a new round of motives. But as Thatcher gets to know Alice more, he realizes that her art and her state of mind might be the clue he needs to solve her murder and save her legacy.

The highly-anticipated conclusion to the DCI Thatcher series.

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Books 1-3 Box Set

Check out books 1 through 3 of the DCI Thatcher Yorkshire Crime Thrillers!

Bonfire Night in the Yorkshire countryside is a time of gathering, fires, and celebration, but on this particular night, it also means murder. When DCI Max Thatcher and his new DS Isaac Mills are called in to investigate, they discover that there is a plethora of suspects and precious little evidence. But when the determined pair start digging into the unusual remains, they will discover not only a trail to the truth, but a pathway right into danger.

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