Woeful Pageants

A local actor finds himself strung up…

When a man is found hanged to death by the curtain ropes at a theatre, DI Isaac Mills is thrust into his first case without his previous partner, DCI Thatcher. Now, alongside his new partner DS Leila Fry, the pair of them strive to be the dynamic duo Thatcher and Mills once were.

But this first case together isn’t going to make it easy for them. Most of the suspects are theatre people and tend to be… dramatic. This makes it especially difficult for Mills and Fry to sift through the truth tellers and the liars.

With a slew of motives and suspects, Mills and Fry have to figure out their new partnership and solve this murder, all without causing a scene.

A new spin-off to the Amazon Best Selling series, DCI Thatcher Yorkshire Crimes.

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Mournful Songs

A bird does not sing because it has the answer…

When a Yorkshire ornithologist is found dead just outside of a nature preserve among odd circumstances, DI Mills and his partner DS Fry are called into make sense of the tragedy.

But the leads are few and far between. It seems that everyone in town liked the bird man, and suspects are scarce. However, when Mills stumbles upon hints of a dark past with the victim’s dead wife, the murderer strikes again. Unless Mills and Fry can figure out the connection and find their killer, this won’t be the last mournful song to ring out in the village.

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A Rare Old Time

Nothing ruins a party like a spot of murder…

When a wealthy Yorkshire patriarch winds up dead in the middle of his own anniversary celebration, DI Mills and DS Fry are brought in to make sense of the tragedy. What they soon discover is a sprawling family that seems united on the surface, but is fractured underneath. With wealth, land, and a profitable business all in the balance, anyone might have the motive to murder the man.

And when Mills discovers that the patriarch has a hidden will that could change everything, the hunt is on, both for the lost will and the murderer.

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Sleeping Dogs Lie

Always let sleeping dogs lie…

When a Yorkshire farmer is found dead in his fields, what seems at first to be a dog attack falls to murder in the form of a stab wound. With his faithful partner, DS Fry, out of town, it’s up to DI Mills alone to navigate the case. And the complications keep on coming, as the farmer’s lands abut three other farms rife with suspects and one of the farm dogs being the only apparent witness.

Was this a murder caused by greed to take more land? Or a crime of passion fueled by hidden desires? It’s up to DI Mills to find out before another farmer falls into the killer’s sights.

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A Gruesome Bond

Do not underestimate the power of obsessive love…

At first, DI Mills and DS Fry believe they’re sent out on a simple assault. A brutal beating, but a typical case nonetheless. It isn’t until the victim’s best friend steps forward with intriguing information that the detectives realize there might be more to this murder than they originally thought.

A stalker has been targeting her, and it seems said stalker took offence at the victim. That is terrible enough, but as Mills and Fry follow the trail of this suspect, they discover there are more connections in this case than meets the eye. And they must string them all together before the stalker strikes again.

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These Destructive Passions

Passion twisted is a terrible thing, indeed…

When a beautiful young lady is found murdered on the moors near an artists’ enclave, DI Mills And DS Fry are left with a slew of questions and very few answers. Questions that grow by the moment as they discover that the lady in question was a model entwined in some way with each artist in attendance. Did the fine arts turn to something twisted, or is there a more pedestrian motivation?

It’s up to Mills and Fry to crack the case before more lives are lost to these destructive passions.

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Art Is The Lie

When the purpose of art is mystery…

The disappearance of a talented artist has haunted Mills and Fry. When they get an unexpected break in the case, the duo dives right back into the complicated mystery. While there might be new information, this case remains a tangled weave of suspects and motives. But Mills is determined to find the hidden clues within this masterpiece of a crime.

Sometimes you just get lucky and beat the odds. Other times, you discover the disappointing truth: that the art is a lie.

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Kith and Kin

Children are uncut diamonds…

DI Mills and DS Fry are called to the aftermath of a domestic dispute. It’s worse than they could have imagined when they find out two children have gone missing while the older siblings were neglectful and arguing over their inheritance. At first, they believe the children might have run away, but when the babysitter comes up missing as well, the detectives know this is a kidnapping.

Between terrible custody battles, bickering family members, and an unforgiving deadline, Mills and Fry have their hands full. But they must stay focused if they wish to find the children before something terrible happens to them…

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Nature of the Beast

Dead and dumb and done…

DI Mills and DS Fry’s experience with hunting game is limited. But when it comes to hunting killers, these two are the gold standard. When these two worlds collide after a man is hunted down in the woods, Mills and Fry realize these activities are more similar than they originally thought.

The case soon transcends through the trees and ventures into local farmland. Three rival families swirl at the center of this crime in ways the detectives never expected. Secrets full of darkness, revenge, and killers of all kinds seep into every corner of this case. Mills and Fry have to do some hunting of their own before they become the killer’s prey.

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The Murdered Do Haunt

Our conscience is the dead talking to us…

DI Mills deals with dead bodies, not ghosts. He keeps his investigations grounded and firmly in the real world. But when a ghost tour guide is found dead, it’s only natural for theories to turn… supernatural.

But Mills is having none of it. He wanted to search for clear motives and real leads. However, those are few and far between. The theories get wilder when another guide is killed near the same spot as the first murder. Mills is forced to admit that this case may be weirder than any he’s investigated before.

If Mills and his partner Fry can’t cut through the unnatural fears and find a realistic solution to this other-worldly murder, they might be the ones to disappear.

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