One Shot

One shot is all you need…

DI Dominic Sutherland finally gets a break in the case that’s been haunting him and his team for
months. After a harrowing interrogation, Sutherland and his team stake out a potential hit. But
everything turns upside down when one of his colleagues is shot.

Police shootings are something he’s only ever heard about on American TV shows, never
experienced in his expensive career. Suddenly, the case has become more personal than he ever
could have predicted. It doesn’t help that the bullet used was incredibly unique, hand-made,
crafted from silver, and impossible to track.

It’s clear these villains will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. Even hurt a cop. Sutherland
has to find the culprit before they strike again, or before he loses his professionalism to personal

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Under Needlepoint

Nothing harder than finding a needle in a haystack…

DI Dominic Sutherland and his team are still reeling from the shooting of their colleague, unable to find a lead on The Pack. Amidst their recovery, a body floats up in a nearby river, giving the department something else to focus on.

Two worried parents quickly appear on the scene, wondering if the body belongs to their missing daughter. Unfortunately, it’s not her but it doesn’t take long for Sutherland to discover that the cases are related. And there are more missing girls than just these two.

This is Sutherland’s first case after the traumatic shooting of his friend and he wants desperately to get it right. He has to straighten out his own life while holding his team together, in the hopes of saving these women’s lives before another one turns up dead.

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Blind Spot

You don’t know who has your back, until there’s a knife in it…

A local businessman is murdered, found in a parking lot with a knife in his back. Nothing was caught on camera and the preciseness of the crime points to a calculated killing. There’s hardly anything left behind. This leaves DI Dominic Sutherland and his partner DC Hunter without much of a lead.

It doesn’t help when this businessman has a line of people who want him dead: the wife he’s separated from, the estranged and distant daughter, and the feuding business partner. All of the suspects suggest a crime of passion, completely opposite from the evidence. This paradoxical case leaves Sutherland and Hunter striving for something to nail down.

All the while, the ongoing threat of the Pack looms over the partners. The gang skirts around the edges of this case, taunting Sutherland and making this one of his most difficult cases to date.

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Deadly Gamble

You don’t know who has your back, until there’s a knife in it…

A dark pall looms over Greenock. DI Sutherland’s one informant, DC Hunter’s ex-lover, is dead, seemingly by his own hand, in prison, and the Pack’s activities are accelerating. With his team in turmoil and the culprits always one step ahead, Sutherland takes the only course of action open: to go deep undercover and infiltrate the Pack in its den, a prominent local casino.

It all comes down to this deadly gamble. Can Sutherland keep up his facade and evade the Pack’s suspicion long enough to bring them down? Or will he fall to their machinations mixed with his own personal demons?

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Lone Wolf

Unfinished business haunts Greenock.

DI Sutherland not only finds himself hunting down the identity of the Lone Wolf, the last of the Pack, but also dealing with a horrifying new case. A local scout club leader’s wife and son have disappeared, victims of an entirely different kind of lone wolf. As Sutherland dives deeper into the case, the threads of the Pack, the disappearances, and the murder of a young boy in years past wind together.

And if he can’t untangle them all to discover the truth, more lives will be at stake, his own included.

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