Moorland Murders

The suspicious suicide of a dear friend…

DI Darren Mitchell expected a normal run on a normal day. But when his running partner shows
up with a headache and a nosebleed, Mitchell didn’t expect it to lead to his friend’s unexpected

Unfortunately, the death is ruled a suicide but Mitchell knows better. The detective believes in
his friend and believes this was a murder, but all of the evidence is pointing towards an
impossible suicide.

As Mitchell starts sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, he begins to unearth a series of
deadly secrets that unravel his friend’s life and the town itself. People believe the truth should
have remained buried in the moorlands, but Mitchell’s never been one to give in to popular

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Campus Killings

A new town. A new partner. A new case.

Newly promoted, DCI Darren Mitchell thought he knew how to do his job. But in this new city
environment with a grumpy partner, who seems to loathe him, Mitchell’s starting to doubt if this
move was the best one for his life and his career.

But when a new case crosses his desk, the murder of a young woman, Mitchell gets right back
into the swing of things. That is, until local university students are harassed with dead animals.
Then Mitchell is kicked to that new, and admittedly less exciting case.

It isn’t until Mitchell notices a connection between the two cases that he starts to prove his
worth. However, spotting a connection isn’t enough. He has to solve both cases before another
student winds up dead or he loses his job and reputation.

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The Stolen Children

There’s nothing worse than harming a child…

A malnourished teenager appears in an upstanding suburban neighbourhood. DCI Darren
Mitchell and his partner Huxley are called in to speak with him. They soon discover that his
entire family has been missing for over a month.

There were a lot of reasons why the wealthy family could have been targeted. Their search leads
them down a technology rabbit hole, where they elicit the help of newly-transferred tech guru,
Keira Adams. She is also newly divorced. Not that Mitchell noticed.

But when another child goes missing from another wealthy family, Mitchell realizes he doesn’t
have time to spare. He has to crack the code of the kidnappings before more children are put in
harm’s way and more families are torn apart.

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Close to Home

When violence hits too close to home…

DCI Mitchell is focused on the Yorkshire Marathon, but all of his preparations are interrupted
when a mysterious woman is found badly injured at the bottom of the stairs in his building. No
one recognizes the woman, including Mitchell, but all signs of her injuries point to foul play.

It’s clearly not Mitchell’s case but he can’t seem to let it go. He was the one who found her, and
he feels an intense obligation to figure out who did this to her. He pushes the limits and legalities
of his station to find the obscure answers.

Finding the woman’s identity is key to finding out who did this to her. Mitchell will have to
decide just how much of his career and his life he’s willing to sacrifice for one victim. Especially
when he doesn’t know her name.

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Snake in the Grass

A copycat killer with nothing to lose…

A body washes up on shore with a familiar MO. It’s not something that DCI Darren Mitchell has
ever seen before but the superintendent certainly has. And he thought he put the killer away. The
only conclusion is that it has to be a copycat.

However, the superintendent’s former partner has always believed they put away the wrong man.
After talking with her, and discovering some troubling evidence, Mitchell starts to believe her

It would be disastrous for the superintendent and the department overall if they arrested the
wrong man. It doesn’t help that bodies continue to turn up, one after the other, with the same
signature markings. Mitchell has to uncover the truth before his department falls to pieces and
more people turn up dead.

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Heat isn’t the only thing on the rise…

York is becoming uncomfortable, not just from the rising temperatures but also from the series of
fires burning down abandoned buildings. DCI Mitchell knows that arson isn’t really his forte, but
something about the unusualness of this serial arsonist calls to him.

Meanwhile, his partner is on the search for a missing teenager. Mitchell’s years of experience
leads him to believe that the fires and the missing girl are connected. But no one sees the threads
of the case quite as he does and he’s left to investigate on his own.

The investigator must put all of the pieces together before the fires burn down York and the
out-of-the-box thinking ruins his career.

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Tooth and Claw

A cruelty like no other…

DCI Darren Mitchell knows that when things are slow in York, they don’t stay slow for long. But
he never anticipated that an underground ring of dogfighters would be his next case. It doesn’t
help that he could use the distraction from the lingering family issues he’s having to deal with.

What Mitchell never expected was that his family drama and old friends from the past would be
caught up in the dogfighting scene. It soon becomes clear that this is about more than just
stopping animal cruelty.

If Mitchell wants to keep his private life and professional life separate, he will have to get to the
root of this underground operation and smoke them out.

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Country Lines

This case is addicting…

A teenager is saved from an overdose, but his life is still in danger. At least, that’s what an
anonymous note slipped under his hospital door says. DCI Darren Mitchell is assigned to find
out who sent the note and what its vague but haunting message means.

Mitchell and his team quickly discover that a group of drug traffickers are targeting ‘County
Lines’, vulnerable people who transport drugs into smaller cities, like York. But Mitchell is
having none of it. He refuses to allow his beloved city to succumb to this sickness.

Mitchell has an entire city to save from an underground epidemic while still juggling moving in
with his girlfriend. His way of life is threatened and he’s not the only one, but he’s the only one
who can solve the mystery.

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Books 1-3 Box Set

Check out books 1 through 3 of the DI Mitchell Yorkshire Crime Thrillers!

Life in the moors of Yorkshire was supposed to be quiet for DI Darren Mitchell, but when his fell running partner dies under suspicious circumstances, the small town of Lockdale is thrown into disarray. The York police call it a suicide, so it’s up to Mitchell to clear his dead friend’s name. Little does he realize that, in this sleepy town, lies a web of deceit, blackmail, and murder, one that now endangers him and everyone he cares about.

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