Buried Secrets

A child’s life is at stake…

DCI Callum MacBain is used to working alone. But he’s given a new partner, Tara Fletcher, and
a new case: investigating a missing seven year old. MacBain and Fletcher can’t afford to let their
clashing personalities get in the way of finding the child.

However, the new pair soon discover that this case has more layers than they ever could have
imagined. A bloody scarf, a father with a criminal past, and an ancient castle all play a part in a
deadly web of greed and lies.

MacBain must learn how to work with his new partner while uncovering the buried secrets of a
family in order to save a child’s life.

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The Hidden Eye

His past has come back to haunt him…

DCI MacBain has always been troubled by the death of his father. It isn’t the first time he’s gone
back to Loch Ness to try and solve it. It’s because of this that MacBain is uniquely prepared to
investigate the case of a murdered data analyst, the same profession his father had.

But that’s where the similarities end between the cases. The modern murder was brutal, violent,
and seemingly unplanned. And it’s not the only one.

MacBain and his partner, Fletcher, are following a string of bodies that seemingly lead nowhere.
Only down a rabbit hole of conspiracies, prejudice, and danger. The pair must untangle the
mystery before the killer and the conspiracy get away from them.

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Fatal Transaction

This job is only for the obsessed…

Police work is in DCI MacBain’s blood. He knows the toll the job takes on an individual, having
seen it first hand from his mother, former Chief Inspector of the Inverness police. She knows all
about never giving up, no matter how cold the trail is.

So when MacBain and Fletcher are hit with a bank robbery case and a murder with no leads, the
last thing they can do is leave the case alone. But they get a break when a former thief and
criminal comes forward with information.

MacBain’s own prejudices get in the way, however, when they have to rely on someone outside
of the police department to help them. He will have to dig deep, step outside of his comfort zone,
and lean on his experience in order to solve the crime and live up to his mother’s name.

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Twisted Justice

When the world is against you…

At his lowest of low, MacBain is called in to find the missing daughter of a prominent judge. But
it becomes clear very quickly that the situation is more dire: she’s been kidnapped.

In the midst of the search, however, someone attacks the police, killing two of their officers in a
violent explosion. MacBain quickly learns the attack was meant for him. It’s not the first attack
he’s had to ward off. Someone doesn’t want him finding the judge’s daughter.

MacBain refuses to let some unknown threat scare him off from helping his community and
saving this girl’s life. But his friends and partner question if he’s enough to solve this crime, or if
he’s going to let his troubles get the best of him.

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Web of Death

When work and life get out of balance…

DCI Callum MacBain is notorious for getting his man. He has one of the most successful case rates on the force. But there is always one case that has eluded him: the one that involves his family. When the body of a local woman shows up in a field, MacBain thinks it’s another open and shut case. But he soon learns, this case is connected to the one with his family.

As MacBain digs deeper, he realizes he is next on the killer’s list. He and his partner, DI Fletcher, realize they are in the middle of a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

The seasoned detective needs to be more focused now than ever. His family is on the line, his livelihood, and his life. He will have to detangle himself from this web of death in order to survive.

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Murder in the Manor House

Despite everything, the world keeps turning…

In the months after the Project T revelations, DCI Callum MacBain is trying his best to live as normally as possible. And stay alive long enough to uncover the truth.

But living normally for MacBain means solving murders, even in the midst of trying not to become the victim of one himself. His latest case involves the death of a lord, a member of the Highlands high society. Lord Battersby may have been a high-profile, successful individual, but that doesn’t mean he had a lot of friends. In fact, MacBain soon discovers he had many more enemies than friends.

Lord Battersby isn’t the only one with enemies. MacBain is pushed to the edge of his limits when trying to solve this case while finding out more about Project T and his father’s disappearance. But the edge is where MacBain does his best work.

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Glasgow Copycat

To say goodbye is to die a little…

DCI MacBain is in the middle of a transition. He’s transferred to Glasgow for a clean slate. Even though it’s a new space, MacBain can’t let go of his old ways and continues to hunt for his father’s murderer. But it seems that MacBain isn’t the only one who can’t overcome the past.

A serial killer stalks the streets of Glasgow, copying past murder cases. Specifically, Macbain’s past murder cases.  It’s clear that MacBain is the real target, not the women who turn up dead. Not only are these murders brutal and terrorizing the city, they’re also personal.

Which means that MacBain might not be able to get the new start he was hoping for.

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Continental Chase

You can only push a man so far…

Any chance for a quiet life for Callum MacBain and his lady love, Lena, evaporates when the conspiracy behind Project T taunts MacBain most cruelly: killing someone dear to his heart. Now out for justice, he has to quest his way across the Continent to discover the truth and ultimately clear his name. All the while, his partner, Fletcher, carries out her own quest for justice in Inverness, a hunt for the killer dancing on the conspiracy’s strings.

With both MacBain and Fletcher in the conspiracy’s sights, it’s a race against time and a chase for the truth… one they might not walk away from alive.

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Redemption Run

When all seems lost, you can’t stop fighting…

And all does seem lost for both Callum MacBain and Tara Fletcher. The conspiracy behind Project T and the murder of MacBain’s father both remain unsolved, and both detectives languish in prison. But when a ray of hope dawns and a chance, ever so slim, to find justice opens up, the pair don’t hesitate.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Either die and let a pack of twisted criminals go free, or live and make a run for redemption!

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The Last Case

A good man’s work is never done…

It should have been a quiet life for Callum MacBain. Project T was supposed to be done for, his actions had been redeemed, and he’d survived to retirement. Add on to that a lucrative book deal about his life, and MacBain should have been happy… should have been satisfied…

But for a man who sought justice his whole life, it’s not enough. But when his old partner Fletcher asks for MacBain’s help with a horrific murder case, he jumps at the chance to be his old self again.

It’s time for Callum MacBain’s final case. Hopefully, he’ll live to see the end of it.

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